Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Curcumin May Be More Effective for Rheumatoid Arthritis vs. the Drug Diclofenac Sodium

In a recent study involving 45 subjects diagnosed with active rheumatoid arthritis (RA), treatment with curcumin was found to be more effective than treatment with diclofenac sodium in reducing symptoms of joint swelling and tenderness. Subjects (n=45) were randomized into three groups receiving either curcumin or diclofenac sodium alone or in combination. Based on Disease Activity Score (DAS) 28 and American College of Rheumatology (ACR) criteria for reduction in tenderness and swelling of joint scores, researchers found that patients in all three treatment groups showed statistically significant changes in their DAS scores, with the curcumin group showing the highest percentage of improvement, and significantly better than the patients in the diclofenac sodium group. No adverse events were related to curcumin intake. The researchers concluded that curcumin may be more effective than the drug, diclofenac sodium, for patients with active RA. 

To find out more about how naturopathic medicine can improve rheumatoid arthritis, contact your local natuorpathic doctor. 

Yours in Health,
Dr. Tara Andresen ND
Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Tara Andresen is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor (ND) practicing in Toronto, Ontario. She follows an evidence-based approach to naturopathic medicine , incorporating the latest scientific research into effective treatment plans for a wide variety of health concerns.

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