Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Vitamin K Enhances Bone Density Improvements in Postmenopausl Women.

In a study involving postmenopausal women divided into 4 groups (1 control group plus 3 intervention groups all of whom attended biweekly sessions and received fortified dairy products containing calcium and  vitamin D3; in 2 of the groups, the dairy was also enriched with vitamin K1 or K2), significant increases in serum total body bone mass density (BMD) were found in all 3 intervention groups, but significant increases in the BMD of the lumbar spine was found only in the groups also fortified with vitamin K1 or K2, as compared to the control group. The authors conclude, "... the present study revealed more favorable changes in bone metabolism and bone mass indices for the two vitamin K-supplemented groups, mainly reflected in the suppression of serum levels of bone remodeling indices and in the more positive changes in lumbar spine BMD for these two study groups."

For more information on how naturopathic medicine can improve bone density, see your Naturopathic Doctor for a full assessment and treatment plan.

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